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Your Favorite Shinigami

"Martha" by Cranford Hollow. The music video was made by my friend Austin Witthuhn. Check it out!

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Lol wow you’re actually kind of an asshole.

That seductive pose.

WTF, are you okay? What's wrong with your cousin?

Asked by Anonymous

She has really bad psych issues. Like manic depressive, and we think she has a personality disorder but she is only 17 so we can say for sure.

We were at my uncles for my other cousin/ grandpa’a birthdays and I apparently said something that pissed her off. My mom told me about it when we got into the car and were leaving. She didn’t want me to worry while I was there.

Apparently though, we were all in the kitchen and she grabbed a pair of scissors and said under her breath “I wanna fucking kill her, I’m going to kill her!” And my mom said she started to walk towards me until she and my aunt saw her and discuses the situation properly.

But had they not been in the room with me, I no joke would be in the hospital right now.

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