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Both suggestions sound good. Dick pics would be funny but I’m just not going to reply and see his continuous desperation as he tries to win over my affection despite how many times I turned him down. Which I had made very obvious.

Ugh this fucking faggot from my school keeps texting me. He called me a pet name and was hardcore flirting with me. I called him out on it and today he just crossed the line and told him never to call me that. And now I refuse to reply and he won’t stop blowing up my phone. Omg.

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That was a really rude post and society does have a big affect on people and their choices especially when they are over weight! You wouldnt understand since youre a stick so stop talking when you have no clue what you are talking about!

Asked by Anonymous

Ahahaha oh my god people like you are so fucking annoying. You say society makes fun, pressures, and body shames fat people, yet you’re trying to do the same to me just because I’m skinny. The majority of my family actually is overweight and my grandma and two of my uncles are obese. So I do know what I’m talking about. Being fat is really unhealthy and someone who is fat shouldn’t let people get in the way of their attempts to live longer. And to be honest, I really don’t give a fuck if it was “rude” or if I offend people. Like you, oops!

Well there was a post I tried to reblog but the format was incorrect. Anyways, it was about over weight people and how they can’t get clothes that fit to go to the gym, and people make fun of them, leading them to recluse and it claimed that this cycle deemed all fat people as “lazy” and I just wanted to say that it’s bullshit and totally unnecessary. Being overweight and obese is unhealthy and you can’t blame society for your problems in relation to that. 


CuteGengar’s second give away~
“:3” I want to make this community an amazing one! So I’ll be doing a give away~ also if any new trainers need help or needing to ask a question about anything In the Pokemon world~ Fire away!’

CONS:Some aren’t Kalos born, some aren’t 6IV
PROS:A lot are 6IV, A bunch are shinies!!

Anyways rules~
1.Must be following me! :) *EMPHASIZING THIS*
2.Only 3 reblog and 1 like per person!
3.No giveaway blogs!

There will be 3 winners!! RANDOM WIN!!
1st prize is 3 Pokemon of their choosing
2nd prize is 2 Pokemon of their choosing
3prize is 1 Pokemon of their choosing

This will end on April 30th~

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